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Tense A
Voice A
Mood N
χρηματίζω,v  \{khray-mat-id'-zo}
1) to transact business, esp. to manage public affairs  1a) to advise or consult with one about public affairs  1b) to make answer to those who ask for advice, present enquiries  or requests, etc.  1b1) of judges, magistrates, rulers, kings  2) to give a response to those consulting an oracle, to give a  divine command or admonition, to teach from heaven  2a) to be divinely commanded, admonished, instructed  2b) to be the mouthpiece of divine revelations, to promulgate the  commands of God  3) to assume or take to one's self a name from one's public business  3a) to receive a name or title, be called 

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