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Here's how to browse and search the Online Greek New Testament:

To Browse Passages

  • First Choose a book from the drop-down list
  • Next enter an existing chapter to load.
  • You can choose a single verse, otherwise entire chapter will load

To Search for Words

  • Enter the word you are looking for in the following transliterated form (Beta Code).
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  • You can also try searching in English (experimental) to find Greek word matches. Accents are entered as in the following table... multiple accents and breathing marks may be entered by adding multiple marks after the appropriate letter.
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  • Tip: Be careful searching with letters commonly transliterated as "e" and "o" – often it's an hard "e" eta – so search for "agaph" or "orgh" not "agape" or "orge" – similarly the hard "o" omega (search for w)

But this kind doesn’t go out except by prayer and fasting.”

🍂  October 2023 Update

Recent upgrades:
  • Tap Greek words for sidebar lookup
  • Search powered by AI-enabled tech, both English word search and Greek "Beta Code" are now supported
  • Quick links for chapters and verses
  • Modern, mobile-friendly code to replace the 23 year old original
  • More changes and ideas are in the works, please contribute your feedback to help chart the course!

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